Working Conditions (WC)

In accordance with the decree dated 16 February 1982 and the interministerial decision on 1 July 1983, Live Working is performed using methods approved by the LW Committee.

Developed to be consistent with general electrical safety instructions (Publication UTE C18-510-1 - section 8), these methods are set out in the Working Conditions (WC) and, in addition, in the tool Technical Data Sheets (TDS).

The Working Conditions (WC) are applied generally, drawn up to as independent as possible of organisations and the particular technical features of grids. However, these WCs are adapted to operating procedures for grids in French transport and distribution networks.

They are specific to Live Working; they do not cite general employment regulations, which must also be met.

WCs are based on the analysis of risks specific to Live Working (risks of electric shock and short-circuits) and studying the theoretical and/or experimental basics underlying them.

In particularly the WCs set out:

  • general conditions before Live Working,

  • procedures for preparing and organising the work,

  • conditions for using tools,

  • procedures for carrying out the work correctly.

Access to LV WCs  (click the link)

(To obtain HV-A and HV-B WCs, Contact the Live Working Committee Deputy)

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