SERECT missions

SERECT (Design, Execution and Experimentation Section of the Live Working Committee) is designated jointly with the Live Working Committee in the decision dated 1 July 1983 that stems from decree 82-167 dated 16 February, relating to special measures to ensure the safety of workers against electrical hazards during construction, operating and maintenance work on electrical power distribution grids.

To develop LW methods and tools, SERECT can carry out or issue orders to carry out experimental tests to perfect new methods.

In this context, SERECT:

  • Develops draft regulations for the Live Working Committee.

  • Takes part in the various commissions to examine regulations

  • Maintain a watch on standards and regulations covering LW,

  • Research, develop and test new methods,

  • Research, develop and test new tools, jointly with various suppliers,

  • Carry out authorisation audits and monitor training,

  • Carry out authorisation audits and periodic inspection laboratories,

  • Provide advice to employers or operators carrying out LW.

Work performed by SERECT is examined in the LV, MV and HV commissions and the Live Working Committee