Missions of the Live Working Committee

The Committee's activities derive from the missions set by the 16 February 1982 decree.

They mainly involve:

  • Approval of Work Conditions (WCs),

  • Authorisation of Live Working tools and approval of the corresponding Technical Data Sheets (TDS),

  • Authorisation of training centres,

  • Approval of training programmes.

Furthermore, the Committee contributes to securing the practice of Live Working, by:

  • authorising operational units for periodic inspection of LW tools,

  • approving recommendations to employers and external communication,

  • analysing the LW accident rate.

The Committee's work is structured by:

  • validated operating rules and procedures,

  • decisions enacted and followed up,

  • annually defined work programmes,

  • activity reports,

and in general, a desire for consistency between different voltage ranges.

The Committee meets around an agenda prepared by the General Deputy, generally twice a year.

The Committee's decisions are made unanimously among all the members present. Any network manager, company, training centre or equipment manufacturer can refer to the Committee about questions within its competence.

The Live Working Committee relies on:

Thee commissions that draw up different regulations (WC, TDS, training programmes, etc.). Each is specialised for a voltage level: LV, MV and HV. They are based on several experts representing the various French companies operating electricity transport and distribution, as well as training centres

An assessment unit specially dedicated to the Live Working Committee: SERECT (Design, Execution and Experimentation Section of the Live Working Committee*). SERECT carries out research and development (working with various suppliers), audits, authorisations (under the control of the Live Working Committee) and takes part in the various commissions.

*Technical Committee: previous name of the Live Working Committee